Independent Income Advisors


Independent Income Advisors1 is the full-service insurance agency that keeps you paying your bills when you are too sick, too hurt or too dead to go to work!  They have been supplying Texans with Quality insurance from their office in Allen, TX since 2001.

We are an independent life and health insurance agency dedicated to teaching you how to buy insurance.

Our guarantee:  we will not sell you something you do not need.  We work with a variety of companies to offer clients:

  • Medical Insurance for individuals, families.  Free online quotes on our website at
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Group Insurance plans for employers with two or more employees.
  • Dental insurance for individuals and families.
  • Disability income insurance pays your bills when you are too sick or hurt to go to work.
  • Critical illness insurance pays a tax-free cash benefit up front when you ag diagnosed with a serious illness.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance pays someone to look after Mom and Dad when they can’t look after themselves.
  • Life Insurance:  very competitive term rates, plans for people in less than good health, whole life, and universal life.
  • Annuities:  a choice of conservative places to put “rainy day” money.