Health Insurance for Individuals and families

Quickly see what kind of savings you qualify for under the Affordable Care Act. Browse and compare plans based on what matters to you most and apply online in minutes.

Life Insurance

Applying for life insurance need not be a long and complicated process. Try our streamlined approach to quote, apply and get a quick answer

Dental & vision

Explore your coverage options. We want to make healthcare as simple and supportive as possible, so we’re here to help you find a plan that’ll work with your needs.

International Travel

Travel medical insurance for Americans going abroad or for visitors coming to the United States

Short Term Medical

Short Term plans for when you need coverage for just a few months.

About Us

Owner and Principal Agent Peter Young has 50 years of experience in the life and health insurance industry, experience that we put to work for clients of all ages in Allen and the surrounding cities. Whether you need help understanding the complexities of Medicare, or Obamacare, need help finding coverage not offered at work or just want to understand the difference between whole life and term life insurance we can find what you need. Equally important – we will tell you what you don’t need! Additionally, we can help you with disability insurance – the most important insurance you can buy, because how will you pay for the others if you get sick? You’ll feel like you’re BUYING insurance, not being sold something.